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We Import

Our strength: uniting in-depth expertize of the product with a comprehensive knowledge of market realities.

To achieve international success, having the best wine is only the first step – by all means a necessity, but by no means enough. No market rewards quality exclusively. This is even more true abroad, far from home, in countries with different cultures, histories, and market perspectives.

This requires precise business strategies that, along with the product, bring the culture of Italian excellence to these complex markets in which Ethica Wines has been establishing itself over time, building solid business platforms through long-term partnerships, based on trust and quality.

The Rules of the Game

While we cannot overlook the high quality of the product we import, promote, and sell, we would not exist without our highly skilled, enthusiastic, and dynamic team.

Nothing would be the same without building a solid, far-reaching, trusted and highly professional sales and distribution network, with an eye on long-term strategies and policies. Nothing would be the same without autonomous budgets for each of our regional offices and the efficiency that comes from that.

We are free, independent players who are flexible and successful. We are changing the rules of the game.