Hong Kong | 2018-05-28

Ethica Wines: toasts to Vinexpo with new strategic guidelines for the Asia Pacific market and a sparkling event

Ethica Wines Asia Pacific toasts to the 20t h anniversary of Vinexpo Hong Kong with a new strategic plan for the Asia Pacific market and a “sparkling” event organized at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The prestigious exhibition has also offered the appropriate setting to showcase a unique portfolio from renowned winemaking areas to the industry experts attending the event and during the B2B meetings organized among Ethica Wines stand.

To achieve international success, having high quality wine is essential as well as a precise business strategy that, along with the product, brings the culture of Italian excellence to complex markets and Vinexpo has offered the appropriate framework to present company’s new strategic guidelines.

These actions are thought with the common objective of differentiate strategies in accordance with different brand, markets and stakeholder characteristics and a multi-channel engagement with the long term the objective of a general and structured growth of market share of represented Italian wines in premium and super premium segments with the mission to provide producers with the keys to successfully play into the Asia Pacific market.

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