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Ethica Wines is like a tile in an intercultural mosaic that brings the world together.

We support those who want to enter new markets, knowing that differences can produce challenges, as well as benefits. We bring our knowledge of high-quality Italian wine to the world, by telling the story of its fascinating, rich culture.

A global, increasingly connected marketplace has rules that we fully understand and use to achieve success, as we have learned to overcome the thousands of differences we faced over the years. Thus, our knowledge of these many differences is our strength. That’s easy to say, but how do we do this in practice?

When we talk about wine, we are unveiling a world of culture and tradition, experience and history. Ethica Wines brings more than excellent wines to the world, we tell the authoritative story of Italian wine production – a cross-section of wine producers, whose every day has always been marked by rituals and practices, ensuring the highest quality products.

Our objective is to share with the entire world the multitude of inspiring stories our wines tell, thereby projecting us into a world of enlightened and tireless entrepreneurs, where quality arises from great passion.

An Ethical Approach that Begins with Nature

«I have to underline that, in recent years, Italy has shown great improvements in terms of winemaking, respect for biodiversity and terroirs, as well as a consistent, natural approach to grape growing across the entire peninsula.» [Francesco Ganz, CEO Ethica Wines North America]