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About us

We like to think of Ethica Wines as a big family – a family of very special Italian wineries that represent tradition, along with the spirit of craftsmanship, care, and passion. This work ethic is one that we not only support, but fully practice ourselves.

Our Team

We know how to get along with diverse cultures because we do it every day. We wake up in Miami and go to sleep in Tokyo; we leave for Italy with a stopover in Hong Kong. We circle the globe incessantly, attentively watching everything that goes on around us.

Ours is a team effort. We know how to recognize the characteristics of each market and interpret them to meet the requirements of our clients. We identify the peculiarities of each culture, and transform them into the keys of our success.

From proud producers in Piedmont to highly educated sommeliers in Kyoto to American journalists, we have learned to interact with all the players in the market.

At Ethica Wines, our young, prepared staff have experience in the wine sector, through professional work or studies. Technical skill and great passion combine with rapid decision-making. We are quick, and thus efficient. We are efficient, and thus effective.

Ethica Wines is Here to Help

We are here to help producers enter markets in a targeted and correct manner, based on their own strengths.

We are here to provide high standards of quality and service, to our customers around the globe.

Choosing one of our wines uncorks the great art of Italian winemaking.

Selecting one of our wines is like accepting an invitation to visit the winery of a proud, small producer. It is like taking a low-altitude flight over green hills covered with rows and rows of grape vines. It is like a trip to Italy.

Selecting one of our wines means sharing our philosophy of caring for the people and communities in which we live and work. Selecting one of our wines means believing in the traditional Italian way of doing business based on a handshake between humans, not a signed piece of paper between parties.

Selecting one of our wines means believing in a solid personal relationships.