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What is Lugana?

Lugana is a picturesque, white wine-specific viticultural region in northern Italy. The vineyard area straddles the regional border between Lombardy in the west and Veneto in the east. It sits at the southern end of Lake Garda and the vines provide a relatively new addition to the landscape of fishing villages and castle-topped towns.

Ca' dei Frati

Ca’ dei Frati has been family-owned and run for three generations. It all began when patriarch Felice Dal Cero saved enough money to buy a small farm in the 1930s. Over the years, the family repeatedly invested in new vineyards. Today, all their wines are made from estate-grown fruit.

Brolettino vs I Frati

They are the same grape variety, what makes the difference is the vinification process anduration of fermentation, together with the amount of aging. All these transform the same grapes in two very different wines, one more fresh (I Frati) the other one with more body (Brolettino). Try them both and discover your favorite! 

Did you know?

Thanks to its structure, Lugana is one of the few white wines that can age. Since wine is damaged and degraded by light, dark bottles help protect their contents from exposure to light, which could cause the wine to age prematurely. A good Lugana wine can easily be stored and aged for quite a few years.

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