One of Tuscany’s rare critically acclaimed white wine producers, Teruzzi is the winery that literally put Vernaccia di San Gimignano on the map. Founded in the 1970s by Enrico Teruzzi, one of the most famous race car drivers of his generation, and Carmen Puthod, a leading ballerina of the time, the estate stretches over 180 hectares of which roughly half are planted to Vernaccia, Tuscany’s minerality-driven white grape variety. The famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano “tufo” subsoils are composed of white sandstone that is volcanic in origin. Poor in nutrients and with scant water retention, the soils are ideal for producing fine white wine with excellent freshness, depth, nuance, and marked savory character. Teruzzi’s vineyards are divided into four parcels, each with its own macroclimate. They allow the winemaker to achieve the perfect blend with each vintage. Organic farming practices are employed in the vineyards and springtime green harvest is practiced each year to obtain extremely low yields — one of the elements that has made these wines famous throughout the world. The winery’s distinctive packaging featuring Medieval iconography has helped to make the wine a favorite across the globe.

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San Gimignano where these wines are raised is one of Tuscany’s most popular tourist destinations and one of its most iconic picturesque. Renowned for its abundance of towers and its classic medieval city walls, it was an early center of the Renaissance.