Patricia Casanova photo

Patricia Casanova

Sales Director Canada

Patricia was born to Italian immigrants in Vancouver, Canada.  She studied Economics at the University of British Columbia, and soon after graduating, she stumbled quite accidently into the wine world, working for one of Canada’s largest domestic commercial wineries. Her love of wine continued, progressing forward with other agencies, and throughout her 29 years in the industry, she has moved from sales representative to managing Western Canada. Joining Ethica Wines is undeniably the highlight of her career – everything she has experienced seems to have perfectly prepared her for this role of Sales Director for Canada. Persistence, passion, curiosity and great attitude are what she lives by,  as well as one of her favorite quotes from wine legend Robert Mondavi, whom she met in 2003:  “Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life”. With Ethica Wines since October 2021.