What is Gavi?

Gavi is a commune, an area and a wine, while the grape is called Cortese. 

Gavi di Gavi (aka Cortese di Gavi) is also a famous white wine DOCG zone in Piedmont, Italy. The 1,200-hectare vineyard area surrounds the city of Gavi itself.

While Gavi (wine) can be made in 11 different communes, Gavi di Gavi (wine) can only be produced in the single commune of Gavi (city).


Grapes Variety

Made from 100% Cortese grapes. Cortese variety is known for its strong acidity and its ability to retain freshness even while grown in warm environments.


The golden yellow color perfectly matches the intense ripe yellow fruit’s aromas–recalling tropical fruits and aging herbs. Round and mineral, it has a medium body with a long aftertaste .

#1 MOST POPULAR Gavi under $40

Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi is rated by Wine-searcher as the most popular Gavi under 40$ in May 2021.

Served in 10 Michelin Star Restaurants

Villa Sparina is a real star, in fact it is served in multiple Michelin star restaurants, included: Osteria Francescana by Massimo Bottura, Ristorante Reale by Niko Romito, Antica Corona Reale.

4 different bottle formats available

Villa Sparina offers 4 different bottle format, up to 6 liters.

Iconic bottle shape

The bottle of Villa Sparina took shape thanks to an innovative project of the Moccagatta family. The project was given into the hands of the Italian designer Giacomo Bersanetti who was inspired by an ancient amphora found during the excavation while restoring the estate.
Why to choose Villa Sparina
#1 MOST POPULAR Gavi under $40

wine-searcher.com 2021

Iconic Bottle Shape
Served in Michelin star restaurants
4 different bottle format available

A balance of elegance and modernity

This bottle not only holds Villa Sparina’s history, but also reveals the magic and flavor of this Cortese de Gavi wine.

Villa Sparina’s Gavi di Gavi expresses culture as well as style and provides a taste of the good life while incorporating the signature values of the Moccagatta family, owners and producers.

It is very aromatic, white peach and lemon with a very long finish of toasted almonds and honey. Very good, I didn't expect this.
Jorge Paulo
Always reliable. It wins over tones of other wines by being simply good over a long period of time.
Vita Hruska
Beyond Wine

A Family

Moccagatta family is loyal to their origin and their wines express the local terroir to its fully extent.

The three siblings (Massimo, Stefano, and Tiziana) lead the company. A long history created by men and women who have always respected and valued the inheritance of the past, while still thinking of tomorrow and the future generations. 

A resort

Villa Sparina Resort is surrounded by the panoramic vineyards of Monterotondo, in the region of Piedmont, in the heart of the famous Gavi area.  

Villa Sparina Resort was born of the land, of the vineyards and of the Villa Sparina grapes. The winery was established in the 1970’s by the Moccagatta family – the only example around Gavi of a territorial project successfully carried out.


A restaurant

Restaurant la Gallina is characterized by a greatly balanced cuisine, where creativity is light and measured, the contrast between flavors is not enhanced, but delicate. 


Barbera del Monferrato DOC


What does DOCG mean?

Italy’s Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita is the highest designation for Italian wines. DOCG certification includes requiring the wines to be submitted for technical analysis and tasted for approval by a government committee before they can be sold as DOCG wines.

How to store it after opening?

Re-cork correctly. Do not insert the dry side in the bottle. Refrigerate it; the cool temp will slow the process significantly.  

Is Gavi the grape or the wine?

Gavi is a commune, an area and a wine; the grape is called Cortese. 

How to pair Villa Sparina Gavi di Gavi?

Gavi pairs great with light pastas and seafood or grilled white meats. We don’t suggest pairing with: red braised meats or pasta with heavy sauces. 

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