About Ethica Wines

Who we are

Ethica Wines proudly represents a selection of wineries which share the same family values; each winery is deeply rooted in its terroir and has a strong identity, which Ethica Wines is committed to nurturing and communicating.
The relationship between Ethica Wines and the wineries is symbiotic: the wineries provide wines of authentic origin and Ethica Wines provides the commercial platform to approach the market.

Our mission

to build brands that people love

with a passion for premium winemaking and high standards for quality.

innovation and marketing to help grow the business of our partners.

by caring for people and communities where we live and work.

Our core values


Each person’s contribution makes a difference: talent, enthusiasm, collaboration.

We provide our customers with the highest standard of quality and service.

Think like a shareholder: passion and open-mindedness.

Customer Focus
We strive to understand and meet our customers’ and consumers’ needs.

We consistently and transparently practice high ethical standards in everything we do.

Our strategic imperatives


Define what the company must do to achieve profitable and sustainable growth:

Build brands to grow revenue faster than the market

Apply rigorous financial discipline

Build the best organization


Wine ethics is that of the land and the territory.
Each land has its own wine and is intimately bonded to its grape varieties. We love native grape varieties, grown with no strain, respecting soil biodiversity and the dynamic balance of the different elements of the terroir. The sun, the rain, the wind: they are inside the bottles selected by Ethica Wines.


Wine ethics is that of passion, and is uncompromising because our heart takes the hard line. It is dedication and generosity.
It is the pleasure of doing what you decided to do, doing it better and better, respecting your own history, which is always the history
of a family, of their feelings and their inextricable bonds.
That kind of passion fosters uninterrupted research in oenology and agronomy, and sets out, beyond innovation and creativity, the core personality of a modern label.


Wine ethics is work ethics. It is when you want to do something right and you know how to do it.
Ethica Wines likes to shake hands that are strong and loyal, that know what hard work is and express a robust intelligence, which is not distracted by short term trends. Those hands are wise, they know how to make wine, yet they are kind to the grapes and the land, preserving their distinctive personality.