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As a facilitator, Ethica Wines provides sales, marketing, and cultural mediation services for the Italian wineries in the Asia Pacific markets. We support with cultural-relevancy, region expertise, and local partnerships line-up for your success in 18 countries the Asia Pacific.


Ethica Wines’ Marketing team is constantly working on improving the marketing support in all different countries of Asia Pacific: the Sales Team is supported in digital, product and trade marketing, offering sales and marketing initiatives for building reputation and consumption of our portfolio as well as to increase brand awareness for Ethica Wines.


The Ethica Wines’ smart “ready to ship” inventory in Livorno, Italy, via “One Stop Shop” provides effective logistic solutions, which allow us to be rapid and responsive on markets’ requests and doing the impossible.

Culture & Trade

Ethica Wines guides the portfolio through constantly evolving marketing scenarios and supports customers with ready-to-go solutions to address the consumers’ needs and demands. Unconventional events and activities are organized by our Resident Sales Team with the Marketing team support.

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Aldo Di Filippo

Regional Sales Manager Pacific

Dario Bergamini

Regional Sales Manager Japan

Diego Todone

Regional Sales Manager Southeast Asia

Giovanni Oliva

Sales Director - APAC (founder)

Hailey Beike

Trade Marketing Specialist APAC

Juhee Ryou

Regional Sales Manager South Korea

Roberta Picco

Regional Sales Manager Greater China

Vera Malisani

Marketing Director & VP of Sales Canada & APAC

Yuko Kobayashi

District Sales Manager – Japan


Serving North America and Asia-Pacific

From San Diego to Miami to Toronto from Hong Kong to Tokyo to Sydney, but most important from Italy to the world. We are stationed through the globe in order to keep a close eye on our local markets and at the same time get a global perspective of the current wine world.