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In the Canadian market, we hold multiple partnerships with Select Wines, Crush Imports, Oenopole, Vins Fins. Ethica Wines’ unique position as category manager for the Italian Fine Wine Portfolio guarantees a straightforward doorway to the market.


Ethica Wines’ Marketing team is working very close with their partner Select Wines Merchants in order to offer the best support in digital, product and trade marketing and to increase the awareness of our brands in the National distribution netwokrk.


The Ethica Wines’ “ready to ship” inventory in Livorno is a very smart and effective logistic solution, which allows us to be reactive and fast based on the markets’ requests.


In collaboration with Select Wines, Ethica Wines is organizing many wine events, tastings and activities in order to engage with the wine trade in Canada and in the single provinces.

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Delphine Constantin

Regional Sales Manager - Quebec & Atlantics

Andrea Vescovi

Regional Sales Manager Western Canada

Trade Partner

Select Wines Merchants
1122 Mainland St #470
Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1


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From San Diego to Miami to Toronto from Hong Kong to Tokyo to Sydney, but most important from Italy to the world. We are stationed through the globe in order to keep a close eye on our local markets and at the same time get a global perspective of the current wine world.