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We’ve been specializing exclusively in Italian wines in the United States longer than any other market and this has been our indisputable strength. Having worked here since over ten years as a National Wine Importer we count on time-tested contacts and resources with strategical distributors, partners and client accounts lined up for brands’ success.


Ethica Wines Inc., is a fully licensed wine importer in the United States, established in 1991 and completely re-engineered in 2013. Now, they are importing 56 brands.


Strong team works on digital, product and trade marketing strategies to support producers and markets in building brands image and awareness across the US.


The Ethica Wines’ smart “ready to ship” inventory in Livorno, Italy provides effective logistic solutions, which allow us to be rapid and responsive on markets’ requests and doing the impossible.


Ethica Wines sales team is up and running to set more than 500 trade events per year. Thanks to constant monitoring of OFF/ON-premise wine scene, comparing prices and competitors Ethica Wines is committed to provide  efficient service to our customers and create a successful story together.

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Alessandro Dal Bianco

Regional Sales Manager Northeast

Bibiana Escobedo

District Manager Nevada

Carolina Cossu

Regional Sales Manager Southeast

Damiano Sorato

Sales Director Eastern Region

Gianluca La Venuta

District Sales Manager NYC

Giovanni Lossi

North California Sales Manager

Giuseppe Blanco

Regional Sales Manager -Midwest Region

Maddalena Pistillo

Prestige Account Manager and Area Manager OH, MI

Niccolò Saltarelli

District Sales Manager Texas

Paolo Bressan

Sales Director Western Region

Paolo Cressi

District Manager Southern California

Robert Zaun

District Sales Manager Central and North Florida

Simone Iacopini

Sales Director West Coast

Patrick La Viola

Regional Sales Manager Mountains Region


Serving North America and Asia-Pacific

From San Diego to Miami to Toronto from Hong Kong to Tokyo to Sydney, but most important from Italy to the world. We are stationed through the globe in order to keep a close eye on our local markets and at the same time get a global perspective of the current wine world.