Asia Pacific

It is easy to say Asia Pacific. A bit less so to properly interpret it.

For many Western companies, for quite a while now, Asia has been a bit of a headache, a potentially lucrative market that has never taken off for many, and even slammed down quite a few. Why does it often remain nothing but an unrealized dream?

It is impossible to set a single strategy for such a vast area – half of the world, quite literally. Our resident managers have garnered a deep understanding of the different markets, and cultural mediation is an important part of their day, every day.

Where We Make the Difference

We can proudly say we have changed the strategy for representing and selling Italian wine in Asia-Pacific. The men and women of Ethica Wines live in key markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. They are able to develop business, thanks to the support of a structured company, in terms of back office, logistics, administration, communication, and sales.

Our organization is structured in such a way as to focus on medium-to-long-term goals, instead of merely keeping up with daily operations. Choosing Ethica Wines means choosing the most important representative in today’s market, a trusted partner capable of growing business, thanks to offering the highest-level products and our specialized know-how of the wine industry.

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