Frank Mirenda photo

Frank Mirenda

Sales Area Manager - Wisconsin

Frank was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through his veins flows an authentic blend of Sicilian and American roots, enriched by the timeless tradition of winemaking. His family’s legacy is intertwined with the art of crafting wine, a tradition that found its earliest expression in the cellars of his great-grandfathers’ homes. Both Frank’s father and grandfather dedicated themselves to the Wine and Spirits industry for over 80 years and these familial foundations instilled in him a profound appreciation for the finer aspects of life.

Culinary excellence was another cornerstone of Frank’s upbringing, owing to his family’s ownership and operation of the renowned Palermo Villa—an Italian restaurant that operated in Milwaukee for over four decades.

His journey within the industry started in 2006, when he moved to Napa Valley with his father, who served as the National Sales Manager for Mario Andretti Winery, here is where Frank embraced a pivotal role. Over three harvest seasons, he embraced the production realm and learned all aspects of winemaking process including selling and educating consumers.

Upon returning to Wisconsin, in collaboration with his father, Frank established their own wine distributorship company, with a strong nine year run by selling Californian and Italian wines.

Frank is beyond excited to start this new chapter with Ethica Wines where he looks forward to furthering the exceptional portfolio of wines thanks to the ten years of experience in sales and the strong relationships he built in this market.