Birra Dolomiti traces its roots back to one of Italy’s most historic breweries located at the foot of the Dolomiti Alps in the northeast of Veneto. There is a longstanding tradition of brewing in that part of the country that stretches back to the age of the Habsburg Empire. Austrian brewers recognized early on that alpine Italy had a superb supply of mountain spring water, the best for making pilsner-style beer. And they also discovered that the local variety of wild hops there was ideal for producing richly flavored beer. In the period that followed World War II, the Italians began making beer there again. But it wouldn’t be until the artisanal beer movement began to take shape in northern Italy in the early 1990s that Birra Dolomiti would become a favorite brand among Italians and Europeans alike. Today, young brewmaster Dario Mattiuzzo uses the same yeasts developed especially by his mentor Gianni Pasa, one of the greatest brewers of all time. And in keeping with the tradition of this legacy brewery, he uses only locally sourced barley for the production of Birra Dolomiti, one of Italy’s most beloved and cherished brands.

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The water used to make Birra Dolomiti is sourced from the Dolomiti Alps in northeastern Italy, a UNESCO heritage site and one of Italy’s most famous spots for hiking and skiing. The mountain spring water is a key element in crafting the quality of this world-famous beer.

Wines from Birra Dolomiti

Birra Dolomiti

Pils Blond Lager

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Available in: Canada, North America, Asia Pacific