When two of Italy’s most celebrated wineries decide to launch a new partnership, only good wines are bound to come of it. Add to the mix one of the world’s most unique and genuinely magical appellations — Etna, on the slopes of Mt. Etna, an active volcano in northeast Sicily — and truly great wines are sure to be the result.

The Carranco winery was born when Borgogno, one of Barolo’s greatest producers, decided to join forces with the historic Sicilian winery Cantine Tornatore. Their goal? To tell the story and raise awareness of a still wild and pristine territory called Etna.

Together, they bought an eight-hectare estate in the village of Pietra Marina, which is part of Castiglione di Sicilia commune, located on the north side of Etna, considered to be one of the best slopes for wine production. And they decided to call their new project Carranco, after the legendary cru located on their property.

Part of the vineyards are still farmed using the most historic form of vine training, known as alberello (head-trained vines), and the average age of the vines is roughly 50-60 years.

The northernmost side of the estate, situated atop the area’s famous basalt subsoils, is home to the Contrada Carranco cru. The vines were planted generations ago on classic terrazzamenti (terraces) that were shaped from the volcano’s rich soil.

Until the late 2000s, Etna was an all but forgotten appellation where commercial farming had never taken root because of the challenging terrain — and the active volcano. Today, these slopes lie at 500 meters above sea level (roughly 1,600 ft.), among the highest-elevation vineyards in the world.

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A partnership between two of Italy’s most celebrated and historic wineries, aimed at setting a new benchmark for Etna, one Italy’s most exciting appellations located on the slopes of Mt. Etna, an active volcano. A blending of north and south know-how and experience from two Italian icons of wine.

Wines from Carranco


Villa dei Baroni Etna Bianco DOC

Available in: Canada, North America, Asia Pacific


Villa dei Baroni Etna Rosso DOC

Available in: Canada, North America, Asia Pacific