Ariela Di Marco photo

Ariela Di Marco

Sales Area Manager - South & West Florida

Ariela was born in Voghera, a small town near Milan, Italy. She grew up between Lombardy and Piedmont Regions and lived in a few places worldwide before landing in sunny Miami. After graduating high school, she moved to Milan where she pursued her studies in Visual Arts and worked for several Italian TV and Advertisement Agencies as a video maker and in the production and camera departments.

After 7 years in the TV business, she headed to Rome where her career veered towards event planning and marketing. While there, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communication, she began working as an event and marketing manager for a local agency. Her passion for the Italian Food & Wine industry and desire to expand her horizons lead her to give the US a go. She headed first to NYC, then Washington DC, and Dallas, TX where she spent several years promoting and developing Italian brands in these territories. With Ethica Wines since 2023.