Luke Scileppi photo

Luke Scileppi

Sales Area Manager - New York & New Jersey

Luke was born in Hyde Park, New York, about fifty miles north of New York City.  A hundred years ago his great-grandparents came to America from Sicily and Campania (Southern Italy).  During his teenage years, he regularly explored New York City, occasionally living there for short periods of time. He permanently moved to New York in 2011.  He started in wine professionally with a serendipitous side job in a wine shop’s storeroom but quickly moved to the sales floor where his appreciation of wine could be put to better use. Luke moved to the distribution part of the business to work for Elevation Wine Partners as a salesperson in Manhattan. A relaxed and obliging serving style has warmed buyers and fellow salespeople alike.  The move to Ethica represents a leap forward in his career and also a welcome opportunity to better understand his Italian heritage; a chance to embrace and cultivate in himself the Italian mode and appreciation of life. With Ethica Wines since 2023.