Iliana Cartone photo

Iliana Cartone

IT & SAP Project Manager

Iliana was born to Italian immigrants in Caracas, Venezuela. Her nonni and very young parents arrived to Venezuela in the 50’s, looking for better living conditions as many other Italians back at that time. Being born in Venezuela and from Italian immigrants, she was raised with the lovely mix of both cultures and traditions. She studied Systems Engineering at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, where she also obtained an MBA in the same university. Soon after the bachelor’s degree, she was hired from an American consulting firm Accenture, specialized in information technology services and consulting.

During her work at Accenture she plunged into SAP and since then she has been participating for 14+ years in SAP implementations around the world for large Consumer Goods and Products industries.

Recently joining Ethica Wines to fill the role of IT & SAP Project Manager – all her experience in business digital transformation and several SAP implementations prepped her up for this role. Having worked as a consultant, it gave her the chance to travel while visiting different countries and cultures in Latin America and Europe, which she cherishes as a very enriching experience.

She is very excited and thankful for this opportunity and looks forward to learning more about the wine world, being able to build strong relationships and contribute to the best of her abilities to Ethica Wines’s progress and success.