Angelina Antonio photo

Angelina Antonio

Office & CEO's Assistant

Angelina was born and raised in a little town near Venice, to Filipino parents who had emigrated to Italy in the early 1990s. From a tender age of 6, she discovered her love for gymnastics and dance and dedicated herself to the sport. This fueled her desire to become a dance teacher and share her enthusiasm with others.

Growing up with the influences of both Italian and Filipino cultures, she occasionally struggled with an identity crisis, which instilled within her a persistent urge to escape and travel the world in search of self-expression. During her university years, Angelina focused her studies on International Relations, driven by her desire to make a meaningful contribution to the global community, thus she spent her summer breaks engaging in volunteer work in Turkey and France. Upon completing her studies, Angelina entered into the world of events and fashion, gaining valuable experience in the industry. Her introduction to the wine world began when she participated in a harvest in Burgundy where she immersed herself in the process of wine production up close.

Feeling the need to further her personal and professional growth, she made the bold decision to seek opportunities abroad and this led her to Ethica Wines, where she aims at giving her contribution in representing the Italian culture at its best and deepen her knowledge and appreciation for wine.