Lorenzo Marani photo

Lorenzo Marani

OCM Administrative Specialist

Born and raised in Lunigiana, Italy, Lorenzo has been on a remarkable journey that spans across continents and cultures. His transformative path began when he boarded a high school exchange program in Ireland, an experience which broadened his horizons. In 2019, Lorenzo took a significant leap by relocating to Florida, where he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in finance at FAU.
Since a very young age, Lorenzo has been committed to sports, in particular Rugby, which accompanied him from Italy to the United States, playing at a competitive level joining the D1 division team in the U.S.
Despite his global experiences, Lorenzo remains a proud Italian at heart, deeply passionate about his culture and traditions. Now, he looks forward to blending his love for Italy and his diverse skillset as he embarks this new chapter with Ethica Wines, where he aims to share the time-honored Italian traditions and excellence through wine.