Riccardo Giacobbo photo

Riccardo Giacobbo

Sales Area Manager - Mid Atlantic

Riccardo is originally from Veneto, he grew up in a small town near the Prosecco area. Since he was a kid, he has always been surrounded by the wine environment. Since he was 17, he has always worked at the weekends in restaurants and wine bars, driven by his passion and curiosity for everything related to food and wine. After the diploma, he started studying Business Administration and Management in Venice and during his studies, he started traveling and working in the surfing industry in France and Portugal, as he always loved to get in touch with different places and cultures and communicate in different languages.

He then decided to try to turn his passion for wine into an occupation, so he started working for an e-commerce of wine and spirits to learn how to deal with the commercial part of the product and then he did some experiences in the vineyards in Veneto and Burgundy. With Ethica Wines since 2023.