Victoria Ciobanu photo

Victoria Ciobanu

Logistics Specialist – APAC

Victoria was born and raised in Moldova, where she lived until she graduated at the Faculty of Political Science and International Diplomatic Relations. She received a bilingual education, as Moldova was a republic under the USSR up to 1991, thus her native languages being Russian and Romanian. At the age of 24 years, she decided to embark on the journey to explore the world and moved to the United Kingdom, where she lived and worked as a bookkeeper for 4 years. 

It was fate that brought her to Italy, where her family moved to Trento in the meantime. She completely fell in love with Italy, its beautiful landscape, gastronomy, and wine. Starting a new job in a wine company ignited her passion for the wine world. Eight years working within the export department strengthened her knowledge of both wine and commercial practices while also cultivating her passion through wine courses (AIS 1 level), various tastings, wine fairs and events. With Ethica Wines since 2022.