Valle d'Aosta

In the extreme northwest of Italy, nestled among the mountains, Valle d'Aosta is small in size, but produces a lot of wine.

Heroes of Viticulture

Valle d’Aosta’s grape varietals push down from the Alps until hitting the hills of Piedmont. Cultivating grapes here is especially demanding, as these vineyards are situated at the highest elevation in Europe and arranged on artificial terraces as a means of dealing with steep mountain slopes. The climate is also extreme, with very cold winters and hot, dry summers. Luckily, the mountains protect the vines from strong winds.

Native grape varietals are Fumin and Prié Rouge, a red grape, and the white grape, Prié Blanc.

Along the Route des Vins, one can discover the beauty of an extreme land, as well as admire the heroism needed to make wine under these conditions.

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