The wines made in this beautiful northeastern region, which has been producing wine for three thousand years, are aromatic and fresh.

Located in north-easternmost Italy, Friuli and Slovenia’s Collio appellation has emerged in recent decades as one of the country’s leading regions for white and macerated wines. The appellation, which straddles the Italy-Slovenian border, is home to some of the white wine world’s most exciting superstars. The predominant soil type is a distinct type of ancient seabed known locally as ponca (called flysch in English). With an unusual pink hue, calcareous ponca is an ideal complement to the maritime influence that arrives from the Adriatic to the east and the ventilation delivered by alpine air currents from the north. Collio is the spiritual homeland of Pinot Grigio. Aromatic grapes like the native Friulano (formerly known as Tocai) and Sauvignon Blanc are also grown there with great success. In more recent decades, Ribolla has become a top grape for macerated wines.

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