The southernmost region of Italy has a climate more similar to that of North Africa than southern Italy. Italy is truly like a micro-continent.

Trinacrium, from the Time of Homer

The Romans called Sicily “Trinacrium” for its triangular shape. It is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean Sea. Due to its strategic position, it has been conquered many times, as can be noticed in its cuisine, where Arab and Norman influences create truly unique contrasts. Its sophisticated pastries are famous in Italy and around the world. Just thinking of Sicily will make you hungry.

The Mediterranean climate, with its extremely dry, windy summers, is perfect for producing quality wines, the most famous of which is Marsala – the Sicilian version of sherry or port. It is perfect for accompanying sweets, and takes its name from the city of Marsala, located on the western side of the island, facing Africa.

Even the slopes of Mount Etna, a still-active volcano on the eastern coast, offer the perfect conditions for cultivating grapes, especially at higher altitudes, where the air is cooler, and the soil is even richer.

Among the most prized native grape varieties is Nero d’Avola; it makes a potent red wine with a fruity, spicy bouquet, and ages extremely well.

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