Prosecco, Amarone, Soave, Recioto: what do these names have in common?

Prosecco and Amarone

Everyone knows Venice, the capital of the Veneto region, for its lagoon, canals, and famous carnival. But not everyone knows that some of the most famous Italian wines, such as Prosecco and Amarone, come from this region, too.

Certified Prosecco Doc production is located on the border with Friuli. The Venezia Giulia village of Prosecco gives this sparkling wine its name. It is here that the native Glera grape variety used in Prosecco has been cultivated for more than two centuries; it is also grown in Treviso, Venice, Vicenza, Padua, and Belluno. The certified Prosecco Superiore Docg is exclusive to the Veneto region, in a small number of towns in the province of Treviso*.

Another very famous wine from the Veneto is Amarone, which boasts a complex, rich character, and is suitable for long periods of bottle aging. It is made from Corvina Veronese and Rondinella grapes that are harvested late in the season and dried in drying lofts called “fruttai”.

Along with the one-of-a-kind Venice, Lake Garda is also found in the Veneto. It is as vast as a sea and has a microclimate that is particularly suited to winegrowing. Also of note in the region are the beautiful cities of Padua and Asolo, along with the countryside homes designed by the architect Andrea Palladio for rich 16th-century Venetians.

*Treviso is known also as “Little Venice” for its canals and small palazzos located in the historic center. Treviso is also home to radicchio, a red-leafed, bitter lettuce, loved by true gourmands, and is eaten both raw and cooked.

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