Ethica Wines brings Italian wine to the entire world through importation, representation, and sales.

From the USA to Canada,
from India to Australia:
a taste of Italy without borders.

An Impressive Portfolio

Vast and varied, complementary and high quality; our carefully curated selection is chosen
by taking into consideration all aspects of winemaking, including terroir, region and grape varieties.
We are telling our own, personal story about the great art of Italian winemaking.

Download a PDF version of our portfolios for North America and Asia Pacific.

North America Asia Pacific

We Import

Ethica Wines has a 100% Italian heart. The ownership, portfolio and team are all Italian. Young resident managers have an in-depth knowledge of the various markets in which we work. This is the world in which we live. Every day.

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We Support

At Ethica Wines, we are the best representatives of high-quality Italian wines in fast-evolving markets, which have their own complexities to deal with. Being true cultural intermediaries, we have the insight and experience to build new, successful sales strategies.

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Wine Highlights

From the Ethica Wines Portfolio, a glimpse into our style.

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La Kiuva

Rosé de Vallée
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Villa Sparina

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Cantina Lavis

Pinot Grigio Rosé Delle Venezie DOC
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Giovanna Tantini

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We work it in

North America

We feel at home in North America; Ethica Wines started in Miami, where our headquarters is located. We have deep knowledge of the intricacies of the US and Canadian markets, and move our products practically everywhere in record time.

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We run in

Asia Pacific

The Asia-Pacific region is a world unto itself, comprising Singapore and China, Australia and India, Japan and Indonesia. It is filled with distinct and varied cultures that cover enormous land areas and have constantly evolving economies. Our resident team possesses the know-how to capture this complex market with the skills that only a highly developed company can offer, based on the strong value of our portfolio.

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Made in Italy, Made in Ethica

Thanks to our roots, we have a thorough knowledge of the Italian wine sector,
from the most famous brands to small, talented growers, from international
grape varietals to prestigious native Italian ones.
It is a challenging and fascinating world, in which we all share the same
search for quality, with a very Italian passion and pride.

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Our Team

We are young, enthusiastic, and tireless.
We know Italian wine because we were born and raised in Italy.
We know the countries where we work, because we have chosen to live in them.
We are citizens of the world,bringing the best taste of Italy across the globe.

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